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Ohara Co., Ltd.
President & CEO Yukihiro Ohara
3530-1, Tana,
Chuou-ku, Sagamihara-shi,
Kanagawa prefecture
#POB 252-0244
TEL : 042-764-7077
FAX : 042-764-7078

Open: 9:30 am - Close: 10:30 pm Wed. are closed.
Found 1993y. Apr.
a company capitalized at 3 million yen
number of employees 7 persons (as of Oct. 2008)
Sale items Auto parts manufacturing, development and sales
New and used car sales
Used parts sales

RX7, RX8, 86 and BRZ of tuning, engine overhaul, ECU data reprogramming, etc.
Development and sales of original tuning parts dress up parts
Wholesale to partner shop.
Main Bank: The Yachiyo Bank, Jhonan Shinkin Bank
insurance agency: Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
Antique Licence: Kanagawa Prefecture Public Safety Commission Permit
No. 452760005635
The going pick up service for location around Kanagawa prefecture.
Having problems with your engine blow, Please feel free to contact us.

Factory observation is possible

R Magic is all we will show you!
The work pit is dangerous, We ask customers that no trespassing.
R Magic that I leave the car have any equipment?They have a what work?
customers should are often anxious.
Therefore in the R Magic, we will guide you through the upstairs engine building room , chassis dynamo room and other to customer wishing.

Look, listen, R Magic is what shop?
We would like you to convince how the R Magic is、
and we would like you to leave your car.
That’s we thinking so.
Please over a voice to the nearby staff.
Reservations are not required.

Anyway, I wonder if let’s go what a place …
Please visit us in such a casual feeling.

Please come to R Magic!!

R Magic Shop published information on magazine
(Link destination enlarged image)


External appearance of R Magic

Show Room

Showroom is now bright clean.


It is a dedicated assembly room of the mission and diff.

Pit scenery

The our work pit, for customer pits four lift, demo car and Processing work for lift one, Tire & oil change only lift has one.

Part washing machine

Engine, and then washed decomposition such as mission and diff.
After that we will be assembled in each assembly room.

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