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The Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

Miyagi prefecture Sanriku coast of March 11st was the epicenter Regarding "Tohoku Kanto Earthquake",
we would like sympathy from the heart to the disaster has been everyone.
Also please accept my condolences on the people killed in the 3.11 earthquake.

We are praying for your speedy recovery.

Please don't hesitate to tell us what you need.
Let me try to help you as hard as possible with my poor ability.

ProStaff R Mgic President & CEO Yukihiro Ohara

about R Magic USA

R Magic products are now available in the vendor forum at, under the name of "R Magic USA." We are looking forward to meet customers overseas. Please shop with confident!

Rezept Product Details page, click here【Rezept is a joint development with SUNOCO, Inc. proven as racing gasoline.】
”RX-8 tuned silencer titanium tail four tips for late model of after minor change” was released in new design【※The tuned silencer titanium tail four tips of after SE and after M/C, is now for vehicle inspection. Please with muffler garnish!】 Interchange of new highway opened, access to the R Magic is now convenient!【Interchange of new highway in the vicinity of the R Magic is opened, I was easier to access.Especially for those who come to the Tomei Expressway from west (Shizuoka direction) you will shorten more than 20 minutes.】
Regular staff recruitment Mechanic / race engineer recruitment Experience preferential recruitment【The details here CLICK!!】 SUNCO GT PLUS The sale of racing gasoline began!
2014 year's, private sponsor wanted! Ohara's daiary【R Magic official blog】

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PARTS SALES【R Magic Garage - official shop of original goods -】 Shops lists of in stock for exhaust of 86 / BRZ
Used Car sales【R Magic Garage - Used car information, Purchase and sell】 【 頑張ろう!日本! 】東日本大震災義援ステッカー
■ Tuning

We are accepting a lot of tuning menu.

■ R Magic Garage

We sells used car and product development In ”R Magic Garage”.
Also we are going purchase and sales.

■ Ohara's schadule

Schedule of President Ohara

■ Ohara Official blog

Daily update
Ohara official blog is here

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